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DOmi Gallucci & co.DOmi Gallucci & co.DOmi Gallucci & co.

Contemporary Wisdom 

to Optimize Growth

Who we are...

It all began with a thought (over a glass of wine)...

And the thought wouldn't go away.

It picked up steam.

It became a relentless obsession.

So we met in a boardroom (if it could make sense in a boardroom, it would make sense anywhere).

We kept the conversation going and then as fate would have it, we started working on projects together and one thing led to another.

And now, here we are. 

A blend of personalities, of competencies, of backgrounds and of locations.

We are spread far and wide and we go narrow and deep.

We deliver.

Because we are passionate about what we do.

Because we are "fiercely committed". 

Why does this you

Because you want people who care about your business as much, if not more, than you do.

People who are lean and mean - lean because they understand the value of a dollar and mean because they want to do work that delivers and makes everyone proud - even their moms!

Cult-ure creators.

We are a bit of a cult! 

And we are proud of it.

We are a collective of conscious thinkers.

Because we range in age, experience, backgrounds and competencies. We provide truly unique perspectives, insights, and concepts that come from diverse mindsets.

And it works because we are like spirited at our core - and that is where it all starts!

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